What does a Freemavens Internship look like? - By Ami Doshi (now part of the team full-time)

As a fresh out of uni graduate, the daunting reality of figuring out what I wanted to do started to hit. I knew that whilst I had no clue what I wanted to do, I was very open to trying out anything that grabbed my interest. When reading the job description for being an Insight Analyst Intern at Freemavens, it seemed intriguing enough for me to send over my CV and hope that I would be accepted, and luckily for me I was. In a nutshell, the role involves analysing data to see how consumers behave and focusing on their needs and wants.

COVID imposed work lifestyle worries

Initially, I was feeling a little apprehensive regarding the COVID imposed work life. To me, working from home would strip away the social aspect of work, making it harder to connect with people and feeling a little isolated. However, from my first day everyone was extremely approachable. Setting up Teams calls with me to introduce themselves, telling me about what they do at Freemavens and letting me know that if I had any questions, they would be more than happy to answer them.

Being able to come into the office a couple times a week also helped with alleviating my worry. The super snazzy office and free coffee were excellent perks, but the highlight of it all has to be the team. It is very clear from the get-go that Freemavens take the term ‘team’ very seriously. It is an environment that champions helping and supporting each other no matter how small or big the problem is.

What projects have I done so far?

From the beginning, I have dived into projects for some big-name client like L’Oréal, been given the responsibility to run smoke screen tests for GSK data and the opportunity to work with a variety of people.

My favourite task so far has been conducting a TikTok Analysis for skincare brands. This involved me poring over skincare related TikToks to find out how brands communicate their products, what are the main themes found in skincare TikTok and how brands create trust with their consumers. Tapping into the commercial side of TikTok and understanding TikTok to be more than just a place for entertaining videos allowed me to realise the true power behind marketing and branding. Also, being given free rein to design my own content slides for the client has been one of the highlights of my internship so far.

Impact of Freemavens so far…

Despite only being with Freemavens for a short time, the impact has been huge. The wealth of knowledge that I have accumulated from using new data tools has been invaluable. The opportunity to independently work on projects and give my own insights has diversified my skillset. But most importantly, being part of a team that cares both about the work they do but also each other has been really comforting.

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